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OUR SERVICES » LOCAL MOVING For local moving, we employ our own team of well-trained and experienced packers and carpenters to carefully handle your household goods and personal effects.

Our Local Moving team uses special packing and wrapping material such as soft blankets, plastic shrink film and corrugated cartons to protect your precious loads from any dents or scratches. And for an added piece of mind, our moving trucks and cargo are covered by our company’s floating insurance policy up to US $20,000.

If you’re moving within Beirut city, Beirut suburbs, or to any city or village within Lebanon, just call our offices for a free estimation. You’ll be glad you did! » INTERNATIONAL MOVING The door-to-door moving services that we provide our clients to and from any place in the world consist of 3 parts: Origin service, Freight (sea, air, land), and Destination services The door-to-door moving services that we provide our clients to and from any place in the world consist of 3 parts:
  • Origin service
  • Freight (sea, air, land)
  • Destination services
» FREIGHT FORWARDING At BIM the Freight Forwarding Dept. is divided into two sections: Import, Export and Cross Trade shipments

Upon clients’ calls, requests will be handled by an experienced and well-trained customer service associate who can provide a total export solution suitable to every shipment weight, volume, and nature of goods. This flexibility places at the client’s disposal the best rates and the most convenient shipping mode, be it Air, FCL, LCL, or land transportation to the final destination.

Our complete export services consist of packing in wooden crates or pallets if required, collection of goods from your place, transport to the port of exit, filing export formalities, and issuing of AWB, BL, and truck way bill.

BIM’s management has established a very strong partnership with a vast network of freight forwarding agencies with presence in more than 100 countries strategically positioned around the globe.

Through these connections we are able to provide our customers with very competitive import freight rates on LCL, FCL, and air freight shipments. Whether your shipment is coming from the USA, Canada, Europe, or the Far East,you can depend on us to get it here safely.

Cross Trade In an increasingly integrated global economy, more and more of you are serving products and manufacturing opportunities outside Lebanon. Beirut International Movers is able to meet this new demand and can arrange to ship your goods from anywhere in the world to your required final destination. This service of cross trade shipment is supported by our network of trusted overseas partners and our experienced personal team.

» STORAGE FACILITIES Our 850 m2 insured and gated warehouse complies fully with AMSA’s International Standard Storage Quality program...

It is equipped with all necessary security and safety measures including: fire fighting sprinklers, fire detection devices, pest control, and an alarm system with direct link to the police and civil defense departments. Whether a collection hub, in-transit, or longterm shipment storage, your goods will be in safe hands handled by people you can trust and depend on.

» CUSTOM CLEARING Our deep understanding of the Lebanese culture and custom formalities along with our port-stationed agents offer us a unique opportunity to facilitate all necessary business transactions so we can expedite your shipments through Customs...

BIM is keen on providing the importers complete information on the Lebanese Custom’s protocols and the documents required to ensure a quick clearing process.

» INSURANCE Albeitthe high quality packing and handling of our clients shipments, we always advise to insure the goods with the appropriate coverage

BIM management has prepared for you a comprehensive insurance program covering your shipments from origin to final destination whether by air, sea, or land. We routinely provide coverage with some of the most professional and reliable insurance companies in Lebanon including AXA Middle East, Bankers, SNA, and Security.

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