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1. Customs Regulations: - All used household goods, cars, Boats shipments are subject to pay customs duties & VAT “Value Added Tax” (except the diplomatic shipments) unless documents for exemption are provided.
- All videotapes, CDs books, records, are inspected by the General Security Office. Satellite dish, receivers, fax machines, wireless telephone machines, are inspected by Ministry of Post & Telecommunications prior to delivery of shipment (it requires 3-4 days).
- Prohibited Items: All kinds of firearms, animations, drugs, Ivory, narcotics, porno graphics materials, swords, knifes, even the decorative ones, Alcohol in quantities.

2. Documents Required for Exemption from Customs Duties: Lebanese Nationality: 1. Statement by the Lebanese Embassy or consulate at the country of origin, specifying that owner has been residing in the country of origin for more than 3 years and that he is moving back to his home country
2. Detailed packing list duly authenticated by the Lebanese Embassy at the country of origin.
3. Ownership of an apartment in Lebanon, or a leasing contract attested from the local municipality
4. Original Lebanese passport showing the owner last entry date in Lebanon (Shipment should not arrive later than 3 months from the owner last entry date).
5. Original Bill of Lading.
6. Shipper and consignee should be the same name showing on the AWB / BL.
7. The presence of the shipper on time of the clearing is a must.
8. Exemption from duties for a returning Lebanese is accepted for only one time in the life

3. Other Nationalities: 1. Work contract with a Lebanese firm.
2. Work permit issued by the Lebanese Labor Office.
3. Residence permit issued by the Lebanese General Security Office.
4. Original detailed packing list.
5. Lease of a residential apartment in Lebanon.
6. Shipper and consignee should be the same name showing on the AWB / BL.
7. The presence of the shipper on time of the clearing is a must.
8. In case exemption clearing documents are not ready yet and shipment is already arrived to Beirut sea port, shipment can be cleared under a refundable bank guarantee letter valid for 3 month, to be withdraw against presentation of the clearing documents required when ready

4. Notes: 1. It is strictly important to note that failure to provide the above-required documents; the shipment would be subjected to pay the normal duties as per the custom tariff code issued by the Lebanese Customs authorities.
2. No exemption on new items at all.
3. Cars of 8 years old (from the date of manufacturing) can be imported to Lebanon with no exemption from duties except for diplomatic cars.

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Our deep understanding of the Lebanese culture and customs formalities along with our port-stationed agents offer us a unique opportunity to facilitate all necessary business transactions so we can expedite your shipments through customs.

As some of you know, the Lebanese rules are applicable according to goods nature and depend from a simple entry application to an obligatory visas required for some items. To simplify this issue here are some useful examples we face in our routine work; The agricultural product require a visa from the Ministry of Agriculture

The food items necessitate an analysis from the Agricultural Research Institute and are subject to visa from the Ministry of Agriculture, Health and Economy

The electronic components need to be analyzed by the Industrial Research Institute

Still to mention that for dangerous goods we should get a preliminary authorization from carrier line / airline in order to ship them and goods should be classified as non restricted cargo.

BIM is keen on providing the importers complete information on the Lebanese custom’s protocols and the documents required to secure a quick clearing process.

Either you are exporting from or importing to Lebanon, you are oblige to present documents to the Lebanese customs authority in order to clear your cargo in an easy way and without paying any customs fine;

Regarding shipments sent or received in your personnel name you need the following documents:

- Copy of your identity card
- Copy of your registration certificate at the ministry for finances

Shipments sent or received in your company name required all the below documents:

- Copy of the last get well certificate from the social security authority
- Copy of your company registration in the commercial register
- Copy of the commercial circular
- Copy of your company certificate registration at the ministry for finances
- Custom clearance form regarding the goods description signed and stamped
- Copy of the identity card of the person in charge in the company of signing documents

Beside all the above mentioned documents, in each import shipment should be present:

- Certified copy of the bill of lading
- Delivery order related to the cargo subject to clearance

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